[Security] Why we don't have it in Italy?

The last week end I was talking with my mother about the situation of Italy. Ok, It’s not a simple argument. What I was trying to explain is like Italy tries to copy the beautiful things of the other countries. I stopped and I thought:

Why we don’t have it in Italy?

Photo by elle_effect – Blog: laurenstonestreet.com

If you stop your mind for some minutes, It’s a fantastic idea! You can go out your palace with out “big problem” during the emergency.
Now, the people try to build wherever possible. It’s the true, but an “external free place” to give an opportunity to save some lives is not free?

Some publics buildings have this , but …

Why we don’t have it in Italy?
Why do not we go out from private building during an emergency?
Is it not simple?

In the true, I don’t say the answer of this questions. I say only …

It’s not correct!

And, in the end, I do another point to U.S.A 🙂
Bye bye

ps : A big thanks to Lauren for the photo! Her pictures are always fantastic! You can go on her flickr to see the others 🙂 I hope in her comment 🙂

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