[Dream] I'm thinking to change my life …

Oh yes, it’s a my thought. I think that more time in a day. It’s how a dream. I think:

The Earth is big, where can I go?

And the answer is … It’s not only one … one problem it’s that …

When I close my eyes, I start to think another, but similar, question:

Where and why can I go?

It’s not a simple “double questions” … but I’m going to find the answers …

  • London: I think it’s a magic city … The fog, the “images” from more films, the city-style (bus, taxi, public phone) and other … 🙂
  • USA: Oh, it’s a fantastic idea! The problem is only one. United States of America is very big, where do you choose? (=Is it correct?) In general, I love the mountain and I don’t love the sea. So … I’d not like to go to East Coast of the United States … I’d not like to go in Midwestern or Southern, they are without Moutain … so I’d like to go to West Coast of the United StatesI think it’s percfet to do mountain bike or ciclyng … oh yes 🙂 I stop my mind only a minute. I dream to cross the American roads wiht Sally (she is my ciclyng bike – if you want, you can see it) The “only problem” in USA is the work … it’s difficult to find it without the “United States Permanent Resident Card” (green card). In USA, I’ll find many kind of culture, of music ( I love rap and rock), of sport (I hate Italian soccer for example) and people. The food is “varius” but more different about Italian food, I love this … it’s fantastic! The natures and the animals are very fantastic. When I saw pictures on some blog, I opened my eyes and my voice tell:”Wow, it’s the paradise … fantastic” … It’s not a good idea, I can see CSI or Criminal Minds a season before Italian friends.
  • Other: Do you have an idea? Can you tell me it? Thanks 🙂

Ok, the place “was” a problem … and now?

When … can I do that?
Why … can I do that?

At the moment, I did not found the correct answer. I say … If I’m doing it, I “lost” my friends, my “actual” life and (last but not least) my family …

Is it an impossible dream?

Or is it real life in a future?

Or is it the travel of my life?

Is it one of my impossible dreams?

Ok, I’m writing a dream … I’m ending now … I’m thinking …

Andrea, you can return on you life now …

At the moment …

It’s better …

Ok, but in the future?

Bye bye 🙂

Andrea – innovatel


Andrea -di mestiere programmatore- ha trovato nello sport di resistenza la sua passione che lo rende vivo. Ha intrapreso varie discipline tutte basate sull'endurance (Maratone, Ultra, Trail ed Ironman) perchè alla fine quello che conta di più per lui è divertirsi e stare bene. Trova il tempo per fare anche dell'altro? Certamente: ascolta tantissimo Rock e la sera si riposa giocando online a World Of Warcraft. Ogni tanto legge anche per staccare la mente e portarla in altri contesti.

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